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Recommended Instagramable Restaurants Near Mandalika Circuit, Must Try

salah satu potret tempat makan rekomended di Mandalika (Foto: Dokumen/Istimewa).


KABARBARU, NTB – Mandalika is becoming the centre of attention of Indonesian citizens. The 2022 MotoGP pre-season test will be held on 11-13 February 2022 at the Mandalika Circuit. MotoGP racers have shared posts about their activities while in Mandalika. Indonesian netizens also invaded the positions of the MotoGP racers. Visiting Mandalika is not just watching the MotoGP race. You can enjoy tourist destinations in the Mandalika area. In addition to travelling, you can enjoy delicious and delicious culinary.

For those looking for a culinary place, there are some recommended restaurants that you can enjoy while on vacation in Mandalika or watching the MotoGP race at the Mandalika Circuit.

Here are three fun and instagramable restaurants owned by Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) customers that you can taste the mainstay menu while taking pictures:

1. Ashtari Horizon Restaurant & Lounge, Yoga, Loft

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while eating delicious food at Ashtari Horizon Restaurant & Lounge, Yoga, Loft. Its beautiful place with a stunning natural atmosphere makes your vacation even more meaningful.

Gestun Jogja

This Mediterranean restaurant offers a variety of interesting menus to pamper the tongue and stomach. Because it is located at an altitude, you will be presented with the beauty of the beach and stunning evidence. You can get the food menu here starting at IDR 40.000.

2. Kemangi Bar & Kitchen

The next instagramable restaurant in the Kuta Mandalika area is Kemangi Bar & Kitchen. After you finish walking around Kuta Mandalika Beach, you can go here by walking for 5 minutes. Kemangi Bar & Restaurant is located on Jalan Wisata Kuta Beach. This dining place has a modern tropical-style concept with a touch of Sasak culture.

The estimated price of menus here starts from IDR 65.000. Some of the menus worth tasting are egg benedict and french toast for breakfast, while for lunch, you can try pumpkin soup and slow-cooked lamb shank. Try the Taliwang chicken or the lontong satay if you have dinner here.

3. El Bazar Café & Restaurant

This restaurant can also be your alternative to culinary tourism. With its Moroccan style design, you will feel like you are abroad. Various unique knick-knacks that exist add to the classic impression in this place.

The fresh, cool air also makes the moment feel even more fantastic. Besides relaxing, eating delicious food will add to the enjoyment of the atmosphere, such as beef kebabs, lamb tagine, prawn couscous, to a delightful mezze platter.

Jasa Fake Order

Various interesting menus such as the Mediterranean, Moroccan, healthy food, vegan options, halal and gluten-free menus are also available here. The price menu is from IDR 28.000. Affordable, isn’t it?

Those are at least three instagramable restaurants in the area around Mandalika. Everything is not so far from Kuta Mandalika Beach.

While you’re in Kuta Mandalika, there’s no harm in trying to visit one of the recommendations for the best places to eat out there. Enjoy the taste and the beauty of Mandalika.

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