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Tumo Village Bojonegoro, Place of Stewardess School and Educational Tour
Kampung Tumo Bojonegoro. (Foto: Klikjatim).


KABARBARU, BOJONEGORO – Vacations with family to enjoy nature have recently been in great demand. But still, in a state of the pandemic, many destinations must comply with health protocols to reduce the spread of the virus. While in Bojonegoro itself, there is a tourist place to gather with family, friends, or a partner amid nature, namely Kampung Tumo.

Located in Tumo Hamlet, Hargomulyo Village, Kedewan District, Tumo Village is known for its natural beauty that is still awake. Even though at the beginning of Kampung Tumo, it was a school for flight attendants and hospitality enthusiasts with a reasonably high standard. His daily language is English which is an international language.

The school was founded by Kang Priyo, a man from Tumo Hamlet himself who is still active in an international airline. His colleagues assisted him in building this school, and his graduates have spread to several airlines in Indonesia and even internationally.

“Initially, we created Tumo Village as a Training Center. So we are the second branch of the Pare Kediri village or English village,” he said.

He explained that his passion was created and realized in his homeland from there. “I chose this place which is in the middle of the rice fields, so that it is far from settlements,” added Kang Priyo.

This decision was taken because the teaching activities sometimes last until the evening. So they don’t want to disturb the residents’ peace.

Here the flight attendants and hotel students get material on character building and mindset formation. According to him, this is very important to equip students in the field of work in the future. This character debriefing is self-development training intended for teenagers and adults.

Self-development training includes various types of training such as motivation training, mental building, character building, leadership, public speaking, teamwork, attitude, etc. Participants who registered for school in Kampung Tumo had reached all over Indonesia. “But because it’s still a pandemic, we haven’t opened registration for schools yet,” he said.

Besides choosing a place in the middle of the rice fields, it turns out also to prepare the land so that when it has developed, it does not move and add other educational media. “The plan is that there will be educational tours to plant rice and simple lodging,” he said. Not only that but there is also a swimming pool and archery area to improve visitors’ skills.

As Kampung Tumo grew, he ventured into the cafe and culinary business at very affordable prices. At the restaurant, we can hang out in a calm natural atmosphere. We can also sing with complete musical instruments for free or do tasks quietly because there is also wifi access.

“We make this place as comfortable as possible so that visitors and training participants feel at home and miss the atmosphere here,” he said. Kang Priyo hopes that the people will know the name Kampung Tumo of Bojonegoro as a cafe with a natural feel and a flight attendant and hotel school with international standards.

Those who want to visit Tumo Village can come directly from 10.00-21.00 every day. For further information, visit the Instagram account @kampungtumo or contact reservation via WhatsApp 085746330230.

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