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5 West Kalimantan Nature Tours That You Must Visit

Keindahan Riam Bedawat, Kabupaten Landak (Foto: Dokumen/Travedisi)..


KABARBARU, PONTIANAK– West Kalimantan has a variety of beauties that need to be explored. From the popular to the newest places, nature tourism in West Kalimantan will never end.

This nature tour can be included in your vacation list when visiting West Kalimantan.

  1. Pasir Panjang Singkawang

The position of this tour itself is in Singkawang City. However, you don’t need to worry about going here because this tour is already famous in West Kalimantan. In addition, many tourists, both local and foreign, visit Pasir Panjang, who want to enjoy the beach’s view. Pasir Panjang has never been deserted because it is in a very strategic location, which makes visitors interested in traveling here.

  1. Temajuk Sambas

Temajuk is the name of a small village located right on the tail of the island of Borneo. This place is a tourist with world-class destinations. In addition, Temajuk is one of the tourist magnets in West Kalimantan that you must visit. This tour is a mainstay that never breaks, both from local tourists and neighboring countries such as Malaysia.

  1. Mempawah Mangrove Forest
Joki Tugas

Mangrove forest is natural tourist spot that you must visit. In addition, tourists enjoy the beauty of this mangrove forest for recreation. The location for mangrove conservation is at Mempawah Mangrove Park. The site is about 1.5 hours from Pontianak City.

  1. Riam Bedawat

This place is located in Dange Aji Village, Air Besar District, Landak Regency. This waterfall is commonly called Bedawat waterfall, with seven stunning levels. The surroundings of this location are very relaxed, which makes it comfortable. In addition, the tropical forest that makes it shady also makes tourists comfortable linger here.

  1. Alun-Alun Kapuas, Pontianak

Alun-Alun Kapuas is one of the park’s tourist sites in the middle of the city. Its strategic location is used by tourists, especially the people of Pontianak City, to enjoy the atmosphere in the afternoon and morning.

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