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Kampoeng Toron Samalem, A Former Stone Mine Turned Into A Japanese-Style Tourism

Kampoeng Toron Samalem
Portrait of Kampoeng Wisata Toron Samalem that feels like being in Japan (Photo: Instagram @kampoeng_wisata_toron_samalem).


KABARBARU, PAMEKASAN – You don’t know yet? There are tourist attractions in Pamekasan that are similar to Japan, namely Kampoeng Wisata Toron Samalem. The uniqueness of the Sakura flowers is its trademark which is beautiful to look at.


This tourist destination that is very suitable to fill your vacation time is located in Blumbungan Village, Larangan District, Pamekasan Regency, Madura.


Initially, this place was a former brick quarry transformed into a contemporary tour like being in the Land of the Samurai.

Similarly, this popular tourism is known for its natural beauty, which is very instagrammable. Every day, many tourists visit, both local and foreign tourists.


It was believed that this location is a historical place. This is because this place known as meditation for Potre Koneng, a beautiful daughter of the 13th century of King Sumenep descent, who is none other than Jokotole’s mother.

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Besides being legendary, this tour also has a contemporary concept that offers unique photo spots. Of course, it will make people curious to visit this place.


One of the uniqueness of this tourist attraction is the gate of large natural stone. Besides, there is also a swimming pool with natural stone cliffs elegantly made as memories.


Plus, the spot of a small house is made of wood and thatched material like the resident’s house in Papua. This makes this tour more fascinating and entertaining.

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For those of you who want to relax while enjoying the beautiful natural panorama, don’t worry! This place has a gazebo that is ready to spoil your holiday.


Kampoeng Wisata Toron Samalem, is located at an altitude with two locations, namely the upper and lower land. In this place, there are also complete facilities, such as places to eat, toilets, and worship places.


To get here, it takes 15 minutes from the heart of Pamekasan city. It only takes about 5.5 km which you can satisfy yourself by breathing fresh air. The ticket price is low, which is only IDR 15,000.

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Kampoeng Wisata Toron Samalem is located in Toron Samalem Hamlet, Blumbungan Village, Larangan District, Pamekasan. This area was once a former coal mine. Now, this location is used as a tourist area.


Open to the public every day, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. However, for those of you who want to join a camping or other exciting activities, you need to ask permission from the manager. You only have to set the time and report it to the tour guard.


So don’t be put off any longer if you desire to vacation there. Immediately visit this place so that you are not always curious about the natural rides that spoil the eye.

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